Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ.

  • Know your measurements: how large is the space that you are working with
  • What other items are being placed in this area: chairs, barbecue, table, etc
  • What sun exposure do you have: full-sun, south facing, east facing, shade…
  • What do you want to plant: edibles, shrubs, trees, flowers, etc.
  • What would you like to achieve: amazing herbs, to create privacy, hide something

It is very important that the planter is the correct size for your chosen plant, its root system and growth pattern

Please email or call us with your order. This gives us an opportunity to ensure that your order is available, or if it is back-ordered. We can work out details such as delivery, pick-up times, and offer helpful tips about the planter(s) you have chosen and ensure that your chosen planters will meet your needs.

  • If you are coming in to the store, times varying for pulling orders depending on how many orders are before yours. We will work as quickly as we can.
  • To ship orders out for delivery, it typically takes us 1-2 business days to prepare an order. However, we are only able to ship orders out on Tuesday – Friday. (we are closed Mondays, and many shipping companies do not operate on weekends)

Yes we do! We are happy to provide a delivery quote. Please specify the address for delivery.

  • Local delivery: drop off or placement options available (costs
  • Across Canada: drop off only, items will arrive on a skid
  • U.S.: drop off only, items will arrive on a skid. Please note: cross border shipping also carries additional charges such as duty, customs, and border clearance charges.

Please have a look at our Delivery Guidelines

  • No refunds. Exchange only for new, undamaged planters is available within 14 days, with the original receipt.
  • Restocking fees may apply.
  • Special orders, custom orders, and clearance items are a Final Sale.

Fiberglass and composite planters need special care. Please see ‘tips and care

  • Caution must be exercised when moving planters. These planters are made of many moulded pieces which can be stressed and produce cracks, if pushed or pulled.
  • The larger the planter, the greater the risk to its integrity if pushed or pulled. It is recommended that planters be emptied prior to moving.

Since all of our planters are made for outdoor use, they all come with drainage holes. These steps will make your planter ready for indoor use:

  • Plug holes
  • Line the entire inside of the planter with a 3-5ml poly, or
  • Add an appropriate layer of lava rock to create sufficient
  • Add 1 layer of landscape cloth over the drainage material
  • Use sterilized indoor potting soil plastic drainage (lava rock or non-biodegrading styrofoam peanuts)

  • Although we carry a handful of saucers (smaller sizes), the use of saucers can seriously impede proper drainage of planters. Due to this reason, we highly recommend that saucers not be used in outdoor applications.
  • If your planters are in a completely covered area, let us know and we can offer suggestions.

We certainly can! There are, however, higher costs involved with this process: creating a new mould, and potentially higher shipping costs. We will sit down with you to discuss the whole process and expected results. Please keep in mind, custom orders are non-refundable.

We have been developing our own fiberglass and resin product lines for years. All of our products are only offered through our store. But, we can deliver just about anywhere!

  • The process begins with a design, which then produces the sculpture. A casting is then taken of the sculpture, in order to create the mould. The shape of the sculpture, will require a varying number of mould pieces to create each planter.
  • Our planters are made from high-grade fiberglass or resin-based composites.
  • Please retain your receipt. Original receipt is needed for your warranty.
  • All regular-priced purchases come with a 1 year limited warranty from the date of purchase. This includes issues affecting the finish and/or structure of a planter that has been properly handled, planted, placed, and is draining well.
  • Warranty does not cover: (i) fading, scuffs, scratches, or chips (ii)any additional costs or claims other than the planters
  • Warranty is void if any of the following occurs: (i) improper installation, (ii) improperly handling such as planter has been pushed/dragged/lifted/pulled while full, (iii) poor drainage or planter has been plugged (iv) the plant is too large for the size of the planter (v) planter has been insufficiently supported or is not placed on level ground, the ground has settled/distorted/collapsed under the planter (vi)neglect or misuse of planter (vii) planter is altered in any manner (viii)normal weathering
  • Warranty covers planters only and does not cover any other costs or claims. Atlas Pots will repair or replace defective planters, at its discretion.
  •  ***Exercise caution when using saucers: this can prevent the proper drainage of your planter.

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